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Have you been experiencing loss of energy, loss of muscle strength? If so, you may have testosterone deficiency. Testosterone is a male hormone, produced by the testes. In millions of men in the US, the testosterone level is lower than usual causing loss of muscle mass, loss of energy, loss of strength, and difficulty with sexual performance. Testosterone can be checked with a blood sample at Alliance MD Clinic Orlando. If Testosterone is found to be below a certain normal level, we will replenish it with injections or tablets.

Testosterone deficiency is a form of hypogonadism known as primary hypogonadism, primary hypogonadism occurs when testosterone deficiency is due to reduced production by the testes. In secondary hypogonadism, there is a deficiency in FSH and LH hormones produced by the pituitary gland. Primary hypogonadism is more common than secondary hypogonadism

At Alliance MD, we provide a comprehensive approach to testosterone deficiency, we get to the root of the problem and not only treat the symptoms

Our process involves a detailed consultation, laboratory testing, determination of total, free, bioavailable testosterone, and then provide the right testosterone treatment to get your levels back to normal

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