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Orlando Self Pay Coverage

Have you postponed your medical care simply because you had no insurance and you did not know where to find a self pay doctor?

Alliance MD offers a direct primary care model, where the patient receives comprehensive primary care services in the office. Our fee covers all office visits and there are no co-pays. The fee could be paid by the patient, the patient’s parents or by the patient’s employer as part of a competitive employee health benefit.

Even if you have medical insurance, Alliance MD offers the convenience of dedicated 45 minute patient appointment time where you get to discuss all your medical concerns with Dr Tolu, you can also call or text after hours. Alliance MD labs are also affordable, sometimes cheaper than the co-pay with your insurance!

If you are in search for an affordable self pay doctor in Orlando with transparent upfront pricing, affordable labs, affordable imaging, then you are at the right place

Call us at 4076067090 and schedule a visit today. Dr Tolu