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Orlando Employee Health Program

Our Employee Health Program is designed to provide affordable health care for you and your employees. It could be provided by as a stand alone produce or added to your current health insurance plan to provide comprehensive outpatient health care treatment guaranteed to save your company health care expenses

Employer benefits

A healthy workforce as a result of comprehensive evaluation and treatment. Employees have multiple avenues of contacting Dr. Tolu through phone, text, telemedicine and in-person visits. Dr. Tolu will have a comprehensive knowledge of your patient’s health

All primary care services for a predictable fixed monthly fee

Easy access to the doctor, even after hours, through email, text messaging

Patients see one doctor who gets to know them well and has a comprehensive knowledge their medical history and examination findings

Long duration appointments (up to one hour) if needed

Discounted Labs and Prescriptions

And much more

In all steps of your health care need, Alliance MD’s goal is to help you achieve your goal of pursuit of happiness and mitigating unwanted effects of loss of happiness, vigor and health

  • Comprehensive medical care with in-depth knowledge of your medical visit. When you call or text, Dr. Tolu will answer your medical questions, this is as opposed to ‘any provider’.
  • Dr. Tolu will assist you in navigating your health network and provide personalized advice, including avoiding unnecessary referrals.
  • Reduction in out of pocket expenses for medical care including savings on labs, medications and imaging.
  •  There will be no co-pays for medical care (some clinics may charge up to $50-60) per visit
  •  Same day appointment for urgent care (injuries requiring suturing, fracture requiring casting, urinary tract infections)
  • Improved access to your health care through calls, texting, telemedicine at no additional cost, potentially avoiding the use of Urgent care ($300/visit), emergency room ($2000/visit), hospitalization ($6000/visit)