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Orlando Non Surgical Fat Reducer EmSculpt

Have you been working on looking slim, fit and getting rid of the ‘gut’? Are you bothered by the excess fat in the arm, thigh, legs?
Fat in these areas is especially hard to get rid of because it is made up of brown adipose tissue. Muscles like the six pack usually help get rid of the fat but many people don’t have the sufficient muscle bulk to reduce the fat.
We have a brand new technology called the EmSculpt, it uses a HIFEM to contract your muscles.
After just 30 minutes, you will feel like you worked out for 16 weeks! It stimulates your muscles to 90% of their capacity, whereas with exercise, you are only able to get the muscle to 10% of their capacity.
A larger muscle will lead to better breakdown of the belly gut.
At Alliance MD Orlando, we provide a free consultation where we learn about your goals, then take measurements and recommend an appropriate treatment for you. The treatment takes place over 30 minutes, and we get you back to looking taut and toned!

What are you waiting for, schedule your free consultation today by clicking this link and get back to looking toned!

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