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In grown toe nail removal Orlando

Do you have a painful toe nail that has grown into the skin of your toe, if yes, then you may have an In Grown Toe Nail (IGTN). IGTN occurs when the outside or inside edge of the toe nail grows into the skin on the sides of the toe nail causing significant pain, swelling and may lead to infection.

Predisposing factors include cutting the toe nail too short, tight fitting shoes, pincer deformity of toe nails and trauma.

It is usually very painful. Mild lesions can be treated conservatively by your doctor, while moderate to severe lesions often has to be treated surgically with an outpatient procedure (done in your doctor’s office).

IGTN removal is a service offered by Dr. Tolu, it is an office procedure and you can return to work after the procedure.

I perform the procedure with local anesthesia by administering injections to numb up the toe. I then carefully remove the toenail away from the nailbed. I then provide instructions on how to properly care for the toe after surgery and inform the patient to return for a wound check in 2 days.

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