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Have you been trying to get rid of the dad bod for years without any success, do you notice a weakness in your hips when playing golf and tennis? Have you found it harder to get your six-pack despite hours of going to the gym? Do you have excess flab in your belly and you have tried exercise, diet, high-intensity interval training HIIT without success?

Do you do the 80/20 rule without success? Do you want to look more attractive to your significant other and want to look better at the beach and poolside?

You want to do all this, but you have a busy schedule, with little time to exercise the core and you have limited time to spare at the gym

Well at Alliance MD, we are bringing a new device called Emsculpt Neo this October! It is the only device that provides fat reduction and muscle contouring. It provides RF and HIFEM to instantly reduce the fat cells in the gut and tone up the abdominal muscle, inner thighs, arms, buttocks.

With the Emsculpt Neo, one session equals 12-16 weeks of training! you will notice a significant reduction in the gut at the first treatment!

Emsculpt Neo, the gift that keeps on giving!

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