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DOT Physical

 The purpose of DOT physicals is to detect medical problems that may prevent a driver from safely operating a motor vehicle. At the end of the DOT physical, a recommendation will be made as to whether you should be issued or renewed a Commercial Driver’s License CDL card. This recommendation is the Medical Certification Card

What to expect on your DOT exam

Dr Tolu will look for signs of heart disease, breathing problems, high blood pressure, diabetes, kidney disease. We will also perform a hearing test and vision test for acuity and color vision

What to bring to your DOT Physical

  1.       List of your medications
  2.       Your driver license 
  3.       Completed DOT form, please click on download

At the end of the visit, if no issues are found, you will be issued a medical certification card

Once you receive the medical certification card, we recommend you upload the certificate using the link below. The state of Florida requires you submit your medical certification card within 15 days of receiving. Alternatively, you can go to the DMV office

 Please click on this link to upload your medical certification card