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Do you try to call your healthcare provider, but you don’t hear back until after a couple of days, are you unhappy with having to wait 4 weeks for a follow up appointment

Then Alliance MD Concierge service is right for you

Many patients prefer having access to a concierge doctor even when they have insurance, because of the following reasons

  • They have easy access to their doctor after hours through email, text messaging
  • The patient always has access to the same familiar primary care doctor. The doctor has a comprehensive knowledge of the patient’s medical history and examination findings enabling a stress free clinical experience
  • Long duration of appointment if needed, up to 1 hour long
  • Subscription services to concierge primary care is sometimes cheaper than annual cost of copays for doctor’s visits, co-pays for labs, co-pays for prescriptions
  • Discounted labs
  • Discounted prescriptions
  • After hours services

Alliance MD provides comprehensive high quality family medicine services delivered by concierge primary care. Services include screening for asymptomatic health conditions, hypertension management, yearly skin examination for skin cancers, genetic history and risk stratification for cancers, diabetes management, depression, thyroid disease management.

Dr Tolu is a board certified family medicine physician with extensive training in family medicine.

Call us at 4076067090 and schedule a visit today. Dr Tolu